31: Christmas, Teeth and Books

We’re talking about stuff from all over the place this time! Christmas stuff. Stuff about losing teeth. A little talk about iCarly and a lot on what books Jenna’s been reading lately. Plus, meet Jenna’s weird alter-ego, Accent Girl! She’s a hoot! Why not call the Podcast Kid Line and hear your voice on the […]

189: Wizz Waffle

Ethan Nicole shares a trio of his most embarrassing stories. Opening Song: ‘My First Hardcore Song’ by 8yr old Juliet Weekly Updates: John got a haircut. Ethan is having a documentary filmed. James is Getting Things Done (GTD). Featured Story: Ethan had a ball at camp, got inked in science class, and was the proud owner of a Wizz Waffle. […]

4: To Parents At Target

Your child shouldn’t be able to manipulate you into losing your mind on the toy aisle. What do you wish you could say? Send your ideas and comments.