CHOP! 25 – Bad Guy Earth Series Review

James, John and Ethan Nichole review and riff on the new Dark Horse release: Bad Guy Earth! It’s an extra long episode so hold on tight! This thing is full of Bad Guy Earth spoilers as well… just a warning.

CHOP! 24: Bad Guy Earth Preview Review

James, John and Ethan are reviewing 6 pages from the upcoming Bad Guy Earth series. Lots of behind the scenes tidbits in this show. Bad Guy Earth Exclusive Preview

CHOP! 23: Top 10 Axe Cop Moments of 2010

This week James, John and Ethan pour over the vast amount of Axe Cop viral content that is spreading around the web like wildfire. Videos, promotions, articles, web comic mentions, video game tributes and more! James did a double take a Guest Comic 26. John really liked Guest Comic 25. Video: –  Asking Axe Cop: Making of Ask […]

CHOP! 22: Panel Discussion from the Axeiversary Event

This is the audio captured from the Axeiversary event on January 27th at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California. Introduction 3-5 min Axe Cop moment #10 and #9 Axe Cop Documentary by Nancy Oey clip Axe Cop moments #8 and #7 Ask Axe Cop Documentary by Eric Branscum Axe Cop moments #6 and #5 Short […]

CHOP! 21: Nobody Cares About Army Chihuahua

James, John and Ethan talk about Axe Cop: New Episode out. Episode 79. James and John will be joining Ethan and Malachi in LA at Meltdown Comics on January 27th. Ethan was tweeted by Mike Nelson. Axe Cop at #3 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers. Axe Cop #1 Dark Horse selling book on Amazon. Axe Cop written […]

CHOP! 20: The Power of Christmas

James, John and Ethan talk about Axe Cop: Malachi says Christmas tastes like babies. John gets his Axe Cop print framed. Ethan got to see a fan-made Axe Cop film. Ethan and Malichi argued over Axe Cop’s true birthday. James and John got autographed Axe Cop comics from Dark Horse. Sockarang print sold on Ebay. Ethan […]

CHOP! 19: Happy Birthday Axe Cop

Axe Cop creator, Malachi Nichole joins the show for a special Birthday episode as Axe Cop hits it’s one year anniversary. We get some inside information from Malachi on the origin of Axe Cop’s Butler and some hilarious new weapons (read: Jesus Gun). We also review Ask Axe Cop #50. Links mentioned in the episode: James […]

CHOP! 18: Bat Warthog Man

James, John and Ethan pour over a ton of Axe Cop news and review Axe Cop Episodes 75, 76, 77, 78 and Ask Axe Cop 48. Mentioned Websites, Blogs, and Other Stuff: Bad Guy Earth Cover Reveled (and spoiled) Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth releases 3/2/11 for $3.50. Special Early Release Event for those of you in […]

CHOP! 17: Candy! Candy!

James, John and Ethan riff and review Axe Cop Episodes 43, 44, 45 and Ask Axe Cop 25. We’re also interested in any Axe Cop Fan Fiction and stories you might want to write up and submit to the show. If we like it (and it’s fairly short) we’ll share it on the show! Just […]

CHOP! 16: Super Secret Candyween Episode

We’re celebrating “Candyween” here on CHOP! reviewing and riffing the 4-part Moon Monster series… two of which haven’t even been released! Told you it was Super Secret!