46: My Unsheltered Kid

After several years in private christian school, my 4th grade daughter is in public school for the first time. Today I’m talking about how grateful I am that she’s being exposed to how other people live and how they believe.

Grateful Kid 02 – Grateful for Restaurants

This week we’re grateful for Restaurants. We all love going out to eat, but how can kids show their thankfulness while they’re enjoying the meal? Special thanks to Kevin Brown and Nina Johnson for our theme song!

233: Zumba Is Stupid

This week John is in recovery from his Halloween Alternative event and we’re joined by Break Room Studio‘s Chris Cowan who learns, thanks to a listener’s story, that Zumba is stupid. This Week’s Stories The Most Embarrassing Moment in the History of My Life [17:04] Zumba Is Stupid [21:26] The Guy Who Tried Way Too Hard [24:24] […]