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Nobody's Listening Podcasts

Nobody’s Listening Podcasts, a creation by James Kennison, started with the single podcast “Nobody’s Listening” (now known as “That Story Show”) in 2006. Initially featuring James and his brother David sharing wild childhood tales, the show soon welcomed listener-submitted stories, evolving into the heart of “That Story Show” today.

As the podcast community expanded to various interesting, helpful, inspiring, and geeky shows, James faced challenges with Major Depressive Disorder and Major Anxiety Disorder in 2008, eventually leading to the discontinuation of most of the podcasts in 2016. A hiatus followed until 2018, when James was able to return to recording “The Gospel of Kennison” and revived “That Story Show” to the delight of a loyal, supportive fan base in July 2018.

That Story Show

That Story Show, formerly known as Nobody’s Listening, was born in December 2006 with hosts James and David Kennison sharing hilarious real-life childhood stories. As the community grew, listeners started contributing their own tales, leading to the show’s continued success. In 2014, it was renamed That Story Show and now James Kennison and John Steinklauber delight in sharing clean-comedy through real-life stories. Join us for laughter and fun!

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That Story Show FAQ

Join us on Discord as we record live every Thursday at 5:00 pm Central.

Your Hosts

James Kennison

With a cynical and self-deprecating touch, James is sure to bring out both the best and worst in any submitted story. Middle schoolers, beware! Your storytelling skills will be thoroughly scrutinized under his watchful eye!

John Steinklauber

Exquisite. Angelic. Benevolent. These words fall short in capturing the sheer brilliance of John. He embodies the essence of kindness and is ever prepared to apologize for his co-host’s antics, skillfully playing dumb whenever the topic comes close to crossing the line.