5: Reboot

Air B&B’s, Job Interviews, Downtown St. Louis and the right way to say Crayon.

4: 29 and Single

What it’s like when you’re 29 and single. The feeling that you’re alone even though you’re surrounded by people.

204: Fifty Pounds

I had a bad experience with my dog. I’m six weeks out from my bariatric sleeve surgery. Teens need to read the room. I had a job interview. Family updates. My initial thoughts on Fallout on Prime and more. Support the show and get a GOK sticker at patreon.com/gok

461: Bad Stories

The stories aren’t bad… but bad things happen to the people in them. Jacob tells a spurious story. TJ gets a stinky leg. Flash looses his hat so a herd of sheep. Lots of clean comedy stories and laughs this week. Narthex Con is June 29th in St. Louis, MO. You should come. Check narthexcon.com to register […]

203: God Ordained

Y’all know me. I don’t use phrases like “God Ordained” lightly… but for real, I think you’ll agree once you hear this weeks episode. Lots of updates on my bariatric surgery, going through the soft solid phase. Updates on family and my mental health. I may even be getting a real job soon! Enjoy!  

460: Topping Troubles

Megan’s husband gets no love from his family after eating a pizza grazed clean by his ailing chihuahua. Bobby reminds us how casual parenting was in the 70’s as he gets lost in a department store stairwell. Six-year-old AJ turns out to be The Omen after scaring her grandmother to death. Did you know you […]

202: Baby Banana

Tons of live updates. We’re moving up to new foods. I’ve finally found a way to start my day. I’m moving to a new studio. I may have a new job. Happy Easter! While GOK is available at no cost, its creation and hosting require both time and financial investment. If you’re in a position […]

459: Metal Finger

Bobby’s boss looses faith in his new assistant. Bill’s daughter isn’t tall. Marcella’s son mis-cooks & a cheerleader unintentionally flips everyone off at every game. Did you know you can listen to this episode ad-free? Visit https://patreon.com/thatstoryshow to view the current membership options. Get all that That Story Show has to offer! Twitter: @thatstoryshow Facebook: /ThatStoryShow That Story Show […]

201: The Ring

It’s been three weeks since my bariatric sleeve surgery and it’s time for some humorous updates. You wouldn’t think it but pureed food can be tasty. NeiR: Automata won’t let me save. I’ve lost enough weight to be able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a while.

458: Dachshund Diet

Bobby’s rescue dog finds a huge jar of nuts. Ella embarrasses herself by yelling at a repair man.  Finn looks like he’s climbed a rock wall in the nude. Rye’s friend tries hammering with a cow pie. Did you know you can listen to this episode ad-free? Visit https://patreon.com/thatstoryshow to view the current membership options. […]