204: Fifty Pounds

I had a bad experience with my dog. I’m six weeks out from my bariatric sleeve surgery. Teens need to read the room. I had a job interview. Family updates. My initial thoughts on Fallout on Prime and more. Support the show and get a GOK sticker at patreon.com/gok

203: God Ordained

Y’all know me. I don’t use phrases like “God Ordained” lightly… but for real, I think you’ll agree once you hear this weeks episode. Lots of updates on my bariatric surgery, going through the soft solid phase. Updates on family and my mental health. I may even be getting a real job soon! Enjoy!  

202: Baby Banana

Tons of live updates. We’re moving up to new foods. I’ve finally found a way to start my day. I’m moving to a new studio. I may have a new job. Happy Easter! While GOK is available at no cost, its creation and hosting require both time and financial investment. If you’re in a position […]

201: The Ring

It’s been three weeks since my bariatric sleeve surgery and it’s time for some humorous updates. You wouldn’t think it but pureed food can be tasty. NeiR: Automata won’t let me save. I’ve lost enough weight to be able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a while.

200: Bacon Bits

I’m two weeks out from my bariatric surgery so let’s talk about transitioning from my liquid-only diet to my pureed diet. I’m talking bananas, mashed potatoes, baby food and more. A sweet high-school bacon bit memory. I was on narcotics in the hospital and saw things I’ll never see again. Enjoy! Yay 200 episodes! (Finally!) […]

199: Surgery Stories

It’s been a week since my bariatric sleeve surgery. Here’s a humorous look at the whole process.

198: The Secret

I’m making a major change that will positively affect my health and lifespan. No more shame. It’s time to share it.

197: Goals & Growth Beyond Depression

Depression has been at the center of my life for the past 10 years. What now? Can things be different? Is it worth trying to start my life again? What can I do to set myself for a future worth living for? All this and more in this week’s episode.

196: Cartastrophe

Replacing a stolen vehicle makes car shopping quite a chore. The tactics used by car dealers only add to the challenge. Get GOK Plus for even more content. Try it free for 7 days.

195: Christmas & The Kia

I’m back! Lots of updates this episode on Christmas, the family and my mental health. Thanks for your patience! Follow me on Facebook!