37: She Stayed

This week we’re keeping it real with the stories that make MMD moments the little miracles that they are. Those dealing with depression, bi-polar or anxiety will appreciate this.

36: He Cried

This episode we’re catching up on a week and a half of MMD’s: Stressing over Sonic, a $200 mistake, a pleasant thank you, getting a library card so the kids could get books, making Harry Potter wands… and my son’s reaction when I gave him one.

35: Monopoly

This week we’re celebrating not having to go to the Price is Right Live, teasing my son about being adopted, and playing Monopoly with the kids for the first time.

34: Ward

This week we celebrate: Spilling my guts at church; Realizing I have a Ward; Having Donovan on That Story Show; Dinner at Culvers instead of being at church; Guesting on slant.fm podcast; and my daughter stealing water at Target.

33: Church Demons

This week we’re kicking anxiety’s butt with the following moments: Setting up an appointment to guest-host a podcast. Talking about how bad “Don’t Blink” stunk after church. Going to see an old church building and wondering about church demons. Helping an 8th grader with homework. Having my efforts appreciated. A new theme for NLCast.com. My friend […]

32: Cardboard

This week we’re slapping depression upside the head by celebrating the following moments: a Facebook Drawing Challenge, admitting we don’t know enough about God to have a clear opinion, surviving a snowy drive to Wendy’s, recording a podcast episode, sledding on cardboard, a business lunch, and finishing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with […]

31: Newspaper

This week we’re celebrating the following moments: Feeling dumb at the gym; Talking bi-polar with a new friend; Making my daughter laugh; Having a new friend over to the new house.

30: Watching Star Wars

This week we’re celebrating the following moments: Seeing Star Wars in lounge chairs. Meeting up with kids from my children’s ministry. Setting up podcast equipment. Seeing Star Wars again with the kids.

29: Very Important Job

I’m back! We’re going through the past 5 days of my life pulling at least one thing out of each that made that day worthwhile. I hope it is a blessing to you and helps you to celebrate the little, tiny, wonderful things in life.  

28: Drawing Contest

This week James and Jennifer go through their week highlighting the things about each day that made that day worthwhile. Everything from Jenna earning the Game Ball to J winning a drawing contest with his Dad.