5: King David Kills for Lust

King David made numerous mistakes, but God still chose him, fully aware of his flaws. Can we also expect to receive such divine grace? I believe we can.

4: Thomas is my Homeboy

Is it a sign of failure when uncertainty arises, or is it simply a testament to our need for more than just emotions to have faith? The tale of Thomas suggests otherwise

3: Being Thankful During Struggles

Today we’re looking at 1 Thessalonieans16-18 which tells us to rejoice always, pray continuously, and give thanks. These are hard things to do when you’re struggling. Let’s take the pressure off and find practical ways to accomplish God’s will in these things.

002: Zombie Christian

How should we respond when God’s answer is “no”? Become a living sacrifice.

1: Special Needs Christian

The story of Jacob wrestling with God helps us understand our own struggles. Feedback?: notquitechristlike@gmail.com