10: Podcast Resources I Use Every Week

This week I’m charging right through a huge list of resources, websites, services and software that I use on a weekly basis to put out every podcast that I produce. We’re also reviewing It’s Just Us Podcast.

4: How To Get Your Podcast Online

James shares what to do with your recorded mp3 file when you’re ready to share it with the world. He covers media hosting, generating a podcast RSS feed and submitting it to iTunes, Zune and other podcast directories. He also answers questions about setting levels on a soundboard and how to get free podcast hosting… […]

Podcast Starter Episode 1: Six Tips For Starting Your Hobby Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of Podcast Starter! I’m giving 6 tips (more like 15) for things to consider before starting your first podcast. I’m looking forward to continuing to share the experience I have as a podcaster (since 12/06) because there were so many that helped me get my start.