01 – Releasing Volunteers

Well hello there! It’s our first ever episode of Children’s Ministry Monthly Podcast and we couldn’t be more surprised that it worked out thrilled! Children’s Ministry Monthly will be a monthly podcast focusing on the needs of normal, everyday children’s ministers. This includes pastors, lay-ministers, and volunteers.

Your hosts are James Kennison & Dave White. James is a children’s pastor in Kansas City, Missouri and David serves as children’s pastor in Macon, Georgia. Check the About Us page for more info.

This month we’re focusing on Releasing Volunteers to do ministry. We can’t do it all ourselves… and God doesn’t want us to. Though delegating is hard work (often harder than just doing it yourself) is is mandatory for us to share the blessings of ministry to children with others in our churches.

This podcast will always emphasis and depend on your input. We’d like to know what topics you’d like to hear discussed. What ideas, resources and input do you have to share? What questions would you like to bounce off your hosts and their audience? You can send such input to our email address: cmmonthly@gmail.com.

We’d also like to keep this blog updated with occasional ideas, articles, websites and other resources. If you have something you’d like to share just email it to us!

Till next month…