10: The Best Things

Jenn and James share their opinions on what is the best. Example: What is the best movie universe between Star Wars and Harry Potter. Email WBR: wbrcast@gmail.com Support the show on Patreon: http://patreon.com/wbrcast For everything else: http://werebothright.com

467: I’m A Stewart

Robert is nice to the wrong person. A Colorado woman can’t steal a stick-shift. Nathan hurls a supernatural stick at his brother. Flash has an incident with a possibly inebriated Scottish man. Parker misreads a handshake. JBOB likely didn’t clean up properly after his snake pooped the bed. Narthex Con 2024 June 29th St. Louis […]

209: No Carbonation

I’ve had to say goodbye to carbonated beverages. I butted heads with my new boss. J got in an accident. Trying to stick with my disciplines. Work will help me if I go down again. I have some really good friends. I Am Legend is a great book. I answer a listener email. When we’re […]

9: The Dogs

Jenn loves the dogs. James hates one and dislikes the other. Are the dogs a waste of skin or are they the loyal companions Jennifer believes them to be? Contact us: wbrcast@gmail.com Support the show: http://patreon.com/wbrcast For everything else: http://werebothright.com

466: Baby Skunk

Asher and his homeschool friends don’t know what drugs are. Some dude tries to smuggle snakes on a plane in his pants. Brittany tragicly looses her eyebrow piercing in the worst way possible. Brooke and her brother eat out of the garbage. Canadian ants are very polite. Shane learns to keep an eye out for […]

208: Hope

We’ve rebranded! Welcome to Outliving Depression! Accidently shared a secret with my psychiatrist’s receptionist. Worked a whole week. Maybe a moped. Doctor’s happy. Meds have been moved. Keeping up with the basics. Family updates plus what I’m reading, watching, playing and doing. While GOK is available at no cost, its creation and hosting require both […]

8: Work

We’re both getting new jobs. James is contrary. Jenn is put into emergency mode by her stupid husband. We talk about our first jobs, chat makes a good boss, a good coworker, and what we’re planning for retirement. Enjoy! Questions? Comments? Email: wbrcast@gmail.com For everything else visit: werebothright.com Support the show on Patreon: patreon.com/wbrcast

465: A Wheel and a Squeal

David’s comes clean about his sisters appearance. Joie Henny has lost his gator. Micah wedges a bone into his armpit. Jared narrowly avoids going viral at a Major League Angels game. Nathaniel’s mom demonstrates strange priorities when a rattlesnake infiltrates the house. Sam attempts to impress his crush with his customized bike. James suffers a […]

207: A Mystery

I’m a bad sports dad. Starting a new job. Trying to get a cheap car for the boy. Not going to see Five Iron Frenzy. The scale is going down. Family updates. What I’m reading, watching, playing and doing. Plus some thoughts about God. Questions? Thoughts? james@nlcast.com Everything else: gokcast.com

7: Gators

Jenn taps into James’ inner redneck as she poses a series of questions about the typical Florida Man to try to get some insight into the thinking behind their strange behavior. Be one of the first to support the show on Patreon. Email us: wbrcast@gmail.com