17: Simone’s Badge

Simone from JAM CIty posted her 5th grade badge with some great comments about my ministry efforts.

This week we’re celebrating:

  • My attempt at being a Voice-over guy on fiverr.com.
  • Made the new Podcast Kid intro. Click to listen.
  • Made the new Girl Meets World Podcast Intro. Click to listen.
  • The Nobody’s Listening Facebook Group is awesome.
  • I got a Compressor/Limiter/Gate for improving the sound of the podcast.
  • I found a XXL Buzz Lightyear Hoodie!
  • Found out that Jenna’s third ear-hole was not a freckle.
  • My friend David now owns an old theatre… and a field!
  • Jenna and I will be watching the premiere of Girl Meets World ahead of schedule.

Your input:

  • Paulie shares a video about taking a child to a indie rock  show.
  • Fini caught up with all her podcasts.
  • MotherUnit was there for someone after a minor surgery.
  • Justin got to meet and interview Chris Roberts.