40: How To Handle Embarrassment

It’s pretty embarrassing when something happens and every starts laughing. Embarrassment happens… what can a kid do to help with the same and foolish feeling?

Show Recap:

  • Jenna was in a car crash.
  • Thanks to Jenna we all know that Siri has a birthday and where it falls in relation to the family’s birthdays.
  • We discuss Embarrassment. It’s when you feel ashamed or foolish about something you said, did, something that happened to you or about 100 other possibilities.
  • Farting in class is something that can be embarrassing.
  • James and Jenna both share hilarious stories of things that have embarrassed them.
  • There are several ways to keep from becoming affected by embarrassment: Learn to laugh at yourself, Make it look like it was on purpose, Talk to your friends if they are embarrassing you, or decide that you aren’t bothered why what others think of you.
  • Learning to handle embarrassment is important because it can cause kids to hide or quite good things and replace them with bad habits to please others.
  • We may not be able to control when we are embarrassed, but we can help others. When we see something funny but it’s hurting their feelings we can stop laughing and offer to help.
  • Embarrassing moments almost always turn into funny stories later on… so learn to laugh immediately!

Books Read:

  • Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

Movies & TV Watched:

  • Full House
  • The Incredibles

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  • Dreams! We’re talking good dreams, bad dreams and day dreams. What kind of dreams do you have? Email yours today!