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Tagline: Bringing your personal, clean-cut comedy stories into the spotlight.

Genre: comedy / storytelling

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That Story Show originated in December of 2006 as Nobody’s Listening featuring hosts James and David Kennison. Their goal, to share hilarious personal stories from their childhoods. Soon listeners began to send in their own stories to be read on the show and hear the reactions and input from the brothers. Nobody’s Listening became That Story Show in 2014 and is currently hosted by James Kennison and John Steinklauber. That Story Show has recorded over 407 episodes and is in its 16th year. Every week TSS shares clean-cut listener-submitted personal comedy stories along with humorous banter and insights.

Podcast keywords: clean comedy, clean-cut, personal stories, real-life stories, storytelling.


James Kennison (@nlcast) is an artist, podcaster, youth-fiction writer, founder of the Nobody’s Listening Podcast Community, and host of That Story Show. Cynical and self-deprecating, you can count on James to bring out the best and worst in a submitted story. He has been a guest on various podcasts discussing topics ranging from podcasting to depression survival.

John Steinklauber (@jsteinklauber) is perfect. Angelic. Kind. These are words that fail to describe how amazing John is. He is always ready to apologize for his co-host and play dumb whenever the topic comes close to crossing the line. He is a man of many voices and works as a voice actor when he’s not co-hosting That Story Show.


“That Story is show is the best clean comedy podcast I have ever heard. I listen to it with my kids on long trips and everyone from my four-year-old to my teens are entertained. James and John have infectious personalities and will quickly become old friends who live in your ears… you might even call them your “ear buds”.”

—Ethan Nicolle // Creator, Axe Cop & Bearmageddon; Author, Bears Want To Kill You, Brave Ollie Possum, Chesterton’s Gateway; Scripted Creator, The Daily Wire; episodes 152, 167, 182-190, 272 guest

—Scott Johnson // Host, The Morning Stream & Film Sack; Cartoonist; Artist; episode 34 guest

—Donna Harris // Host, Constantly Under Construction podcast; episode 283 guest

“James and John have a fantastic ability to make stories fun and the memes that come from that are proof that they are well connected with their audience. We share these funny moments together as a community, and they make the rest of life funnier, too, as we see things in real life that connect with our experiences of the show.
This is truly my all-time favorite podcast—and I listen to a lot of podcasts, including other comedy shows!”

—Daniel J. Lewis // Podcasting educator, advocate, and innovator; Host, The Audacity to Podcast; Creator, My Podcast Reviews

—John Wilkerson // Your mom

“James is so real and so honest in all his shows that I feel that I know him. So my support each week is like buying him a coffee while we chat about funny stories of his and John’s life. I have always felt that James has truly mastered giving back to his supporters in any way he can, and I genuinely feel like my support is appreciated.” 

—Carrie Wright // Listener & 3-year Patreon Supporter

“That Story Show has been a fresh, encouraging, and hilarious pleasure in my life that I’ve needed. I often struggle to see the funny in my day-to-day life, but I can learn to with this podcast! James and John have had years of experience finding the funny in the ordinary flows of life and sharing listener stories that do that too. 
It’s always a happy time of fun and laughter when I pop on an episode. It’s good, clean comedy, with a dose of the real.”

—Peter Chapman // Listener & 3-year Patreon Supporter

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☆☆☆☆☆ “Great podcast! Love it. So many different interesting stories! Whenever I feel down, this podcast always lifts my spirits! Keep it up!” —jayla672

☆☆☆☆☆ “Please listen to this podcast. It’s great. It has helped many people with anxiety and depression. I hope it helps you as well.” —Student Sophia

☆☆☆☆☆ “I love this show. It helps me through the hard times.” —Bethelmom

☆☆☆☆☆ “This was the first podcast I ever listened to. Now, four years later, I still get excited about each new episode. It’s my #1 show to turn on when I want to unwind, destress, and feel cozy and safe. James and John have a “favorite uncle” kind of vibe, and they’re great storytellers to boot! Such a refreshing change from most of the more explicit comedy shows out there.” —HayJay13

☆☆☆☆☆ “That Story Show stands the test of time. You can go all the way back to episode 1 “Hallelujah” which was recorded in 2006 and still enjoy it and every episode made since. This show is awesome and it’s an incredible concept. I highly recommend giving it a listen: you won’t be disappointed. Also, nothing beats the feeling of having your own story read on the show. So if you have a funny story to share please do! That’s why we all listen, we want to hear all of the crazy stories. Thank you, James and John! Please don’t ever stop!” —Stephen

☆☆☆☆☆ “I was looking for a good family-friendly podcast to listen to with the kids and I’m so happy I found That Story Show! One day we were in the car and your story about the kid who got sick at camp made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes and could barely see the road. Thankfully we were only a block from home and it didn’t impair my driving! God Bless and keep bringing us those great stories!” —queens ny mama

☆☆☆☆☆ “This podcast is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was scrolling through comedy podcasts added a few, took away a few, scrapped them all, and added some more, but the one I was absolutely sure would stay was That Story Show. When I started listening to this podcast I had no idea the connections and history I would soon know, the countless things I have learned from this podcast, I’ve laughed, I’ve teared up, I’ve felt comfort. I have listened to this for almost three years now, and I cannot see what I would be without it, I literally do not know. This podcast has been with me through my ups and downs throughout my nervous breakdowns and my joyful moments. I listened to it while I was moving internationally when I was scared, happy, mad, you name it. I have, no doubt that this will stay with me for the rest of my life and carry me throughout the years bringing me happiness and peace. The podcast itself is absolutely spectacular, the audio is spot on, all the sound effects are a joy to listen to, and the hosts are AMAZING. I cannot say enough. James and John are funny and have a wonderful friendship that makes me feel so comfortable and at home with this podcast. I would say that when I’m older I will have nostalgia when I listen to this, but that will never happen because I will never stop listening until the world falls apart.” —thatAnamalCrossingLover

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