Sorta Kinda Secrets and Stuff

Did you know that Doctor Superior was originally going to be called Doctor Supreme.

Dexter Visser was originally named Dexter Vautner.

Joses Gardner and his mother originally shared the last name: Cardiner.

Clovis Cook was originally named Clovis Stranson.

Sorta Kinda Superpowered was originally titled Bad Hero.

Many of the side-characters are named after the author’s friends: Johnny Stein, Starla, & Brandon Huff.

It is possible to find the location of Supreme Industries (aka The Enhanced-Heroes Memorial Museum) using building name clues from the story and Google Maps.

Sorta Kinda Superpowered was written in 2014. It took the author six years to find the guts to release it.

Captain Mighty originally looked quite a bit different than his final form.

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