288: Lisa Loves Poison

This week we take randomly generated words and tell the real-life stories that they evoke.

Weekly Rewind:

  • John’s son chooses the reproductive system for his health project
  • James gets the pee scared out of him at a Cracker Barrel

Stories from:

  • Keith Heltsley – Squeaky Floor Boards – Grandpa tries to blame his gas on squeaky floorboards.
  • Moriah – What’s Cooking? – We overhear a brief conversation between two young yoga students.
  • Michael P – Disco Party – The new LED’s go crazy during a very solemn church service.
  • Flash Jarvis – Train Spider – A TV show seems to come to life when Flash is attacked by a black spider.
  • Hannah – Tight Hair – Hanna innocently says something indecent during a planning meeting.
  • Jeffy Lee – Saw You At Sonic – Jeffy thought he saw my wife and me at Sonic.