294: Poo Picasso

Luke Kirk shares a story about a co-worker who enjoyed painting the toilet stalls with his own waste.

Weekly Rewind:

  • James drinks a 5-hour energy, falls down the stairs and has a not-hot lady try to sell him something he doesn’t want.
  • Luke buys cheap paint and ends up with inner thigh issues.

Featured Story:

  • Luke works at a place that rhymes with Lord and has a co-worker who got to go to therapy after getting caught smearing his poop all over the bathroom. Uck!

Listener Stories:

  • Boom! Headshot – Aaron
  • Easter Fools – Lliam
  • The Dog Drag Story – David
  • Honey Head – William
  • Losse Pebble – Elaine
  • Overcharged – Elizabeth

Bonus Audio:

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