165: Hangy Downy

James and John tell stories that come to mind from randomly generated words. These words actually: cigarette, feature, gate, shopping, pure, restrictive, frilly, heartbreaking.

  • Opening Song – The Aggressive Bee by MCMrNapkins (thanks Cucch!)
  • James’s 3 year old son uses his new ability to speak to support his Dad’s teasing of his older sister.
  • John’s family just completed a road trip with pre-school kids.
  • John tries to smoke a used, wet cigarette as a child.
  • James makes his own cigarette from newspaper.
  • John passes out during a Christmas play.
  • James gets his junk caught on a gate latch.
  • John shoplifts and swallows Kool-Aide powder.
  • James fakes an Aussie accent while buying shoes.
  • James falls in his white slacks and is afraid to face his parents.
  • James wears a cup to protect himself after his vasectomy.
  • James was asked to join his sister’s gymnastics class.
  • James tried to walk on water, lost his pool to an act of God.
  • Plus your emails and stories!