178: ET Terror

James and John share your stories right out of the NLCast inbox and voicemail line.

Opening Song: Pop Culture by Madeon

This Weeks Stories:

Micah (AKA Assin21) tell us how to get out of playing with 21 year old girls,
Ned sent in a camping story on how he un-bucked a kids teeth by tripping him,
Kevin was left red nailed when he discovered the “Indian Curse” on his “haunted” cabin,
A fire story from Vincent explains what happened to the carpet,
Micah tells us what happens when you offer online discounts to an old lady at Walmart,
Graham brings back the LBB (Living Breathing Butthead),
Patrick’s (AKA Darkewe)  aunt gets more than she bargained for when she picks up a baby “running free”,
Vincent man’s up and sneaks into bed Ninja style,
we learn from Ashley why fireworks are not a good idea on the bus,
Miss Lorax finds trouble in faking child abuse,
Dustin’s Grandma finds sport in chasing his little sister with ET,
and Farris learns that his church staff has a nose for illegal substances.

Send in your stories for a chance to win a free Minecraft account  Drawing will be next week (9/13)!