183: Moving Mommy

John shares several stories from his trip helping his Mom move out west. Plus, we’re joined by new co-host Ethan Nicolle!

Opening Song: The GAG Quartet “Le Internet Medley

Weekly Updates: James talks about his troubles with an infected burn. John wonders why moving trucks don’t have rear-view mirrors. Ethan talks about chicken parts… even the naughty ones.

Listener Submitted Stories:

  • Jenni got a hard lesson from a college class… too bad she didn’t know what kind of tree she was touching.
  • Ashley is HOT when she runs.
  • Blackoutgurl has no common sense and no sweater.
  • Santa got his own present but not one for a little girl.
  • Zach got schooled for saying NARTHAX!
  • Colin just wanted ice cream and cookies… but got a trip to the ER instead.

Hosts: James Kennison, John Steinklauber, & Ethan Nicolle