185: Harvey’s Devil House

James tells the story of his first roommate and his fixation with an abandoned house.

Opening Song:Sumimasen” by Parry Gripp

Weekly Updates: John – John’s son has an uncanny has a way with stating the obvious. Ethan – Had a Final Destination type experience. James – NLCast.com was hacked… by John.

Listener Stories: Walter – told about a conference call in the men’s room. BlackoutGurl – went Bowling with Bev, and got a rejected proposal. Jenni’s – patch was mistaken for a jellyfish. Rosco – got confused by the Cinnabon guy.

Hosts: James Kennison, John Steinklauber, & Ethan Nicolle

Bonus: Ethan decided to start live sketching during the show! Check out all the images after the jump.

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