207: 151 Weeks Later

Hello Podcast People! What’s been going on? Sorry, we were in a coma for 151 73 weeks… where is everybody? Wait… there’s a former listener shambling his way over now. Hello! No hugging please. Why are you trying to bite me?! No! NO! AHHHHHHH!!!!

So the bad news, James is a zombie now. The good news? After 151 weeks Nobody’s Listening is back!!

We’re also talking about this stuff

  • It’s been a long time since our last show in October 2012.
  • James and John talk about some highlights from their lives that have happened in the past year and a half. James broke his toe. John started watching Doctor Who.
  • James talks about why the podcast ended, the danger of switching urinals too quickly and about having one Facebook friend in common with a lady’s butt.
  • John tells us what it’s like to be in line for coffee behind an old woman with no pants.
  • We talk a bit about Patreon.com and how listeners can be rewarded for supporting the show. Check it out!
  • Then it’s your stories: Catie puts a staple through her thumbnail. Bri’s sister won’t stop calling out during a school play. Keith forgets he’s riding a bike without a seat. Janusz things someone wrote ‘anus’ on his water bottle. Owen blowguns a pin into his babysitter’s neck (yeah right). Then Rohit hangs out with his “mom’s brother”.

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