209: Speedo Gun

This week James and John Wilkerson of TheWiredHomeschool.com and ChallengingCosmos.com share updates and your funny life stories.

We also talk about:

  • John’s podcasts
  • James’ homeschool experience
  • James’ standing desk
  • J’s prayers
  • Jenna working the toothfairy
  • How to sit
  • Faster Than Light (FTL)
  • A guy on the corner with a hairdryer
  • James’ belfie facebook profile pic
  • The dog that doesn’t know his own name
  • Burping
  • Caroline says she’s thankful
  • Celiton apologizes for his perfect English
  • Keith’s blind brother pretends to be dead
  • Miriam’s kitchen floor has a dead person’s outline
  • First Time Mom pop’s a squat on the floor at Home Depot
  • Zeke gets his head stuck in his bed boards

Links mentioned

  • TheWiredHomeschool.com
  • ChallengingCosmos.com
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Memorable Moments

  • James: “Radio Shack was the geek place before geeks were geeks.”
  • John W: “It’s really tough with boys. Boys are like, “I don’t need to write.”
    James: “Yea, and then later they’re like, “I don’t need to read.”
  • “Hey, his crack goes sideways!”
  • J’s prayer: “Thank you God, for mom, for humans, costumes and movies.”
  • Jen’s Tooth Fairy note: “Thanks for the tooth, here’s $3. Peace out.”
    Jenna’s response: “Mom’s handwriting, mom’s smiley face. I’ve known ever since you told me about Santa Claus, but I do it for the money.”
  • Jen:”What do you do when you want to sit?”
    James:”I start to back my butt up toward this thing, it’s called a seat, and I fold myself in half, and I place myself down.” (This was in reference to the standing desk)
  • Jen: “Is this a swimming towel?”
    Grandfather: “I don’t know, throw it in and see if it will swim.”
  • Jayism: Ear Puffs
  • John W: “I grew up in Germany, so I saw lots of old guys in speedos. So, no speedo guns.”
  • Jenna and J: “Dad, the dog knows his name! It’s awsome, he knows his name!”
    James: I don’t believe you.”
    Jenna and J: “Here, watch, watch! Moffett, Moffett!” The dog comes to them.
    Jenna and J: “See!”
    James: “Watch this. Robot George, Robot George!” The dog sits at James feet.
  • James (praying with Jenna): Lord, please help my daughter grow up to be a great man of God, amen.”
    Jenna: “What?!”
  • E-mail from Caroline: “We schoo online!”