196: Fandangyou

James tells of his mis-adventures while trying to claim his tickets for the AMC Marvel Movie Marathon. Opening Song: The Zambonis – Hockey Monkey Hosts: James Kennison & John Steinklauber Thanks to all of our sponsors! Sponsor your own episode for only $5.

Broke Ya! 17: Our Favorite Blogs, Sites & Webcomics

James and John go through the blogs, websites and webcomics they read on a regular basis and share them with you. Also some favorite blogs mentioned by our live chatroom. We’re also chatting about Minecraft, our sons wearing dresses, Buzz Lightyear Tribute Site, falling behind in our geek cred, we’re headed to LA for Axe […]

Broke Ya! 16: The Geekiest Things We’ve Ever Done

James and John talking about the geekiest things they’ve ever done, past and present. We talk about Zu-zu Pets, IT Crowd, Sonic Screwdrivers, papercraft, PS3 updates, yo-yoing, action figure modification, pixel art, Quake skinning, being in a band, podcasting, comics, mural painting, Todd Mcfarlane, comic book collections, garbage pail kids and more!

Broke Ya! 15: Geek Christmases Past

This episode we’re talking about the geekiest gifts we’ve ever gotten for Christmas, past and present. We also talk about iPhone and iPad apps: 7th Guest and Infinity Blade (thanks to Erik Fisher from Wellness Break Radio).

Broke Ya! 14: Geek Gifts

James and John talk about great geeky gifts from ThinkGeek.com and give their opinions on their suggestions for top geek gifts.

Broke Ya! 13: Our Favorite Video Games

James and John run through their all time list of video games. Games from classic consoles like the Atari 2600 and the NES to Arcade games, Playstation, Super Nintendo, PS2, PS3 and great classic PC games like Wolfenstien 3d, Doom, Quake, King’s Quest, Space Quest and beyond!

Broke Ya! 12: Top Ten Geek Songs

This week John couldn’t make it and the “Instead Of” version of the show was born! James drills through his personally Top Ten Geek Songs, all of which can be found on YouTube. The requirements: Geek Songs that are geeky, viral, catchy, memorable and those James personally likes. Enjoy!

Broke Ya! 11: Thanks Podcast People!

James and John take some time to give thanks for the podcasters, podcasts, listeners and supporters who have meant so much to them. Thanks everyone! They also talk about Julian Smith’s new video, Frontierville’s Thanksgiving missions, getting Get Glue stickers in the mail, Rage HD, Cat Physics, Smurfs, Mr. Aaaha, OS 4.2 for iPad, Harry […]