11: Oh, Donna

Donna, this one’s for you! We’re celebrating the tiny, little wonderful things that make our day, if we look to find them.

This week it’s: Jenna calling me a “Man of God”, Honey butter from the wife, Finishing a book, Writing 18000 words in my own book, Writing Bible Stuff articles, Kennison Trivia, Comments on Bible Stuff articles, Disney Cruise, Tricking my kids, Seeing our Stateroom, Lunch on a cruise, Saving Mr. Banks, Glow bracelets, Jenn being thankful for the special things I brought on the trip, Watching Frozen again, Pirate costumes, Waterproof watches, Doug TenNaple, Snorkeling, Stingrays, Castaway Cay, Disney Dreams production, Signing autographs, Making the Piano man’s day.

Plus your amazing MMD moments!