12: Whatever It Is, Yes

This week’s episode, just to be a little different from the usual, will be focusing on the little, tiny wonderful things in life!

Things like:

Donna’s husband reaching out, Writing 20,000 words in my book, Waking up at 3am and writing, Had lunch with a friend and made his day, Gameboy Color vs Gameboy DS, A trip in the car to Disney World, When God takes, Will looking out for me via Twitter, Writing all day, Guest hosting on Pop Mockers, Finishing the rough draft on my book, Joking with the kids, Talking with my wife about her life after my depression, My son’s prayer, Getting through a to-do list, Framing Bird Man, Truth or Dare with my son, Kennison Trivia part 2, Editing my book, Podcast cover art gig, Whatever it is, yes, Reading my first chapter to my daughter.

Plus your made my day moments and emails!

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