13: I Think It Will

My daughter made my day today by believing in me.

This episode we’re celebrating the following moments that made my day: My son did his English paper correctly, Having to get rid of a Facebook friend because of the Suggested Friends that were being presented, Had a good friend respond very well to the news that we were coming to visit, Guest-hosting on It’s Just Us podcast, Singing “Sail” with the kids and wife, I dropped my son J into a trashcan to retrieve my keys, Guest hosted the Westside of Mars podcast, Got an email from a depressed teen that I really related to, My family enjoyed the Valentine’s stuff I got for them, I wrote out the story of how my wife and I met, I found Microsoft Office CD’s I’d been missing for months, Read the first chapter edits from my editor Lauren.

Plus your MMD moments! Send in some more to mmdcast@gmail.com.

Mentioned on the Show:

  • Guest Hosted It’s Just Us Podcast EP 94 – James Kennison with Robert and Chelsea.
  • I enjoyed yelling “Sail” at my wife and kids this week: AWOLNATION – Sail
  • Guest Hosted Westside of Mars Podcast EP 41 – Nobody’s Listening Fancast with Drew and Scott
  • I wrote Our Love Story over on JamesKennison.com