8: Double Loop

Back again for week 8 of Made My Day celebrating the little, tiny wonderful things in life.

Things like:

  • Finton from Ireland reminds me of better times and good ministry.
  • Going out to dinner an not only saves money, but I don’t mind the crowd.
  • 2013 tried to kill me and my family. We survived. Not everyone does survive Depression. Being that close to darkness changes your perspective on suicide.
  • I struck gold with at least one of my wife’s Christmas gifts.
  • I’m loving my new podcast headphones and a wired, low-profile, illuminated keyboard, which were Christmas presents from my lovely wife.
  • I completely cleaned and dusted my home office… which with all of my Buzz Lightyear collectables, was no easy task.
  • I picked out lamps for our living room. Jenn liked them. I made her day and that automatically makes mine.
  • Purchased a new control card for my lost hard drive. It may allow me to recover some of the data after all. I’ve already pulled some images from the drive.
  • I’m really enjoying putting together a marble roller coaster I got for Christmas. Makes my heart jump when it finally works right.
  • I’m not working… but I’m going to find something to do with my 9-5 time during the day. Jenn is a good wife.