1: You Just Made My Day

It’s the first episode of Made My Day. The first podcast episode I’ve recorded in over a year.

You just made my day by downloading and listening. Thanks!

This episode we introduce the show’s concept and talking a little about why it’s important to me personally. Then banging through a week’s worth of things that made each day worthwhile including: Milli Vanilli, Ceiling Fan pull chains, typing lessons, 1.5 megapixel photos from 2000, and the horror of pants dropping on fans.

Then we read the MMD’s from some early bird pre-listeners and give a very special thank you to three important people: Janusz S., Ana S. and Tamara S. Without their monthly donations every show on the network would have been unavailable.

Mentioned Links:

Gravity a flash comic by Hannah Unkrich – A wonderful explanation of how it feels to be sick… and then ostracized on top of that. I really like the meds angle. The more people share about this Depression thing the better.

Peter’s Online Typing Course – We’re teaching our 8 and 5 year old how to type… cause they want to be able to type in Minecraft. This is what I’m using. It’s a great resource for teaching anyone how to type. I’m using it to review my numbers and symbols. Did I mention everything is free?

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Thanks for your support!