267: The Time Capsule

This week’s show is a time capsule of clean comedy featuring unused stories from 2008… yes, 10 years ago. Enjoy your trip back in time!

Rybo has multi-colored puke, Linda’s 90’s phone does a Rodney Dangerfield right up and into a commode, a 40-year-old thinks she’s stroking out because of some bad glasses, a kid takes his kid sister’s bike for a ride and breaks his arm, Austin’s got a opossum in his bedroom closet, Andy’s over-attached to a stuffed teddy bear, Jess goes the wrong way headed to the bathroom at camp, Denisa laughs at her brother falling from a unicycle, and Jojo the Christian Clown reads Isaiah’s story about some wasps attacking a group of girls. Plus a couple of vintage voicemails about lost dentures and getting candy stuck in your ear. It’s a show chock full of clean comedy folks!