290: The Message

This week we’re cleaning out the septic tank that the TSS inbox has become by telling all of the poop, pee, vomit and booger stories all in one show! It’s horrible.

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Weekly Rewind:

  • James – James has a guy say exactly what was on his mind for him.
  • John – John stayed logged into Discord last week.

Featured Stories:

  • James – Passed Out Puking
  • John – Passed Out Peeing

Listener Stories:

  • Watermelon – Zane Estrada
  • Poop Prank – Keith Heltsley
  • Salad Slippage – Victor
  • Splash Zone – Meghan johnson
  • Water Hose Effect – Samantha
  • Wrong Room – Aaron
  • Barf Bus – Isis
  • Adult Snack – Momofboys
  • Better Off Missing – Chris