336: The Haunted Keychain

Victoria has an Evil Step-Grandmother that gave her a spooky keychain. Asher’s Grandpa practices self-surgery. All from this episode of That Story Show, your clean comedy podcast!

Weekly Updates:

  • James’ wife thinks there’s a dog in the trash.
  • John finally gets gas.

Thanks to our Patrons:

  • Aaron Hughey
  • John Freeman
  • Mila Allen
  • Maddie Cruz
  • Chris Tipton

Listener Stories:

  • The Haunted Keychain from Victoria Davis
  • Jeans Juke from Nate in Massachusetts
  • Hardcore Grandpa from Asher Coombs
  • Mom’s Up from Wayne in Taiwan
  • Peanut Pop from TJ the Ginger
  • LBB from Tallulah Smith from Los Angeles, CA
  • Star Wars Homeschool Style from Hope Trenkler

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