181: The Bad Baker

James and John pull listener-submitted stories from the unread archives going back to October of 2009!

Opening song: Gravy & Toast by show favorite STWPT

Weekly Updates: James thinks out loud during a sermon… that HE’S delivering! And John’s Mother-in-law takes up AxeCop for some nighttime reading.

This Week’s Stories:

  • Salmonella Simona got a Close Call from a falling ceiling tile
  • Matt (GraveReaper) is a Baby Chick Killer
  • Poor Chris just wanted to hire James for some drawing (Oops)
  • Sarah got her teeth knocked out and a bloody nose for her Birthday
  • Forrest the Panda  left a stinking dead raccoon on the side of the highway
  • Nemo taught us how to make a scorpion sting itself
  • Chris made someone at Walmart hate him
  • TJ got involved in some high flying hyjinx
  • Joe found a Roach in the Tub, NO on his FACE!
  • Former homeschooler Gloria ask about Idiots and their Fart Machines
  • Kelly came to John’s defense in regards to his Wilson Phillips CD
  • And we find out that BlackoutGurl is obsessive hair petter and future cat lady.

Hosts: James Kennison, John Steinklauber