187: Christmas Bee, Christmas Pee

James, John and Ethan talk about what they got for Christmas and share some great stories from Christmas past, present and future.

Opening Song: I Farted on Santa’s Lap (suggested by The Raman Noodle).

Weekly Updates: James is the ultimate spammer and the best Facebook friend you ever wished to have. John’s son wishes the world a happy new year… at a North Carolina rest stop. Ethan took a trip through huge pothole and decided to get sick (along with his computer) for the holidays.

Featured Stories: James’ child prolific friends have boys that like to pee on dogs. John’s son believes everything he says… even the part about cancelling Christmas. James’ daughter is a Santa evangelist and believes in the cookie ninja. Ethan got a great gift from a bee for one Christmas. Jenna wakes up at 3:30 to open presents!! Ethan gave his brother potato for Christmas, John got a spankin from Grandma, and James died… (not really).

E&Vmail: Punchin a grumpy after a Christmas special brings in a special visitor J-Ferris. Bart got his eye shot out for Christmas. Emma’s best Christmas tradition is to light a fire on Christmas Eve. Mr. Covert breaks some bad news… really bad news.

Hosts: James Kennison, John Steinklauber, & Ethan Nicolle

Live Sketch: Check out Ethan’s work after the jump.