188: The Mad Crapper

A random collection of stories, most of which are poo related. Enjoy!

Opening Song: Talking Classics by Keith Apicary

Weekly Updates: Ethan had some really weird dreaming going on, while John’s kid finally uses the potty for the first time. James has a thing for little girls’ hair and people’s moms.

Your Stories: Our Aussie friend McGinnis likes to eat unpopped popcorn even if it’s had all the butter and salt sucked off it. Bart had a little bout with an infected knee on a trip Disney. Ethan’s mom’s miracle ear drops turned out to be pee. Dodge Ball is not one listeners friend. The Mad Crapper Caper brought to us by the son of peteyear. Steven’s Aunt told a lie about getting onto Google Earth. Patrick got some eggs that a chicken gave more than just eggs. Aaron Eiben listeners has dreams about Ethan and transporting zoo animals. Fresh Hot Potatoes… mmmmm smells like pizza – brought to you by Corey. Hallelujah!! Chloe. McGinnis shares about an Australian Swimming Carnival?!

Hosts: James Kennison, John Steinklauber, & Ethan Nicolle

Live Sketch: Check out Ethan’s work after the jump.