201: Flipping The Cushion

This episode James tells about an unfortunate incident on a couch that necessitated he flip the cushion.

Check out James’ guest-host spot on Westside of Mars Podcast for this week’s special Weekly Update! (note: as of posting the episode was not available for direct linking)

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Opening Song: Halloween by Krispy Kreme (mp3 download)

Show Notes:

  • James got interviewed by Scott and Drew Covert hear the interview at their site.
  • James and John meet in “sunny” Florida.
  • John is a LEGO hoarder!
  • Little J experiences guilt for the first time.
  • James brings back the LBB and gives it to a jerky shopping cart guy.
  • John gets indoctrinated into his new job by doing the puberty talk with the 5th graders.
  • James is not Karen… end of story.
  • John still thinks farts are funny

Listener Stories:

  • Tammy has to apologize to Mom
  • Jonathan T tells a story about grandpa bit off more than he could chew at a diner.
  • Ruby hasn’t listened for a loooong time, but her dad has a gooood sense of humor.
  • Forest Fisk in KC is a good guy… a real good guy. Sorry about that trunk and your junk.

Hosts: James Kennison & John Steinklauber

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