EP 211: Fat Hero Flights

I almost named this episode Technical Chicklets in honor of listener, Keith and the Skype problems that plagued the last five minutes of the show… but John’s reference to an amazing URL won out.

This episode we talked about: Olivia Wilde had a baby with someone, Horses are poison, Stupid Jokes that are Funny, Jenna reports a bully, J puts six boxcars on a train and learns to ride his bike the first time, James’ stupid dog chases some jerky ducks, Jenna names a rubber duck, People who critique 5 year olds playing t-ball, John’s gonna be in the movies and might be a racist, Father of Lights, John’s son is a HUGE Lego fan, Chuck Norris reference during chapel raises the geek-cred of 5th graders globally, Chris wants some sweet-tea, Stephanie describes a humorous house fire, and so much more!