212: The Toilet Moth

James tries to peg a moth in the toilet bowl. John’s got issues with an idiot at Panera and his son’s a Sinner. Stay till the end for a Recap-song that pays tribute to a special dearly departed guide-dog.

This episode we talked about the updated Website, My new favorite patron, Doctor Who season 8 spoilers about Samuel Anderson and Peter Capaldi, then James sees a dog with a special and demeaning bow. John’s son uses technology to get close to a home school hottie. Jenn makes Mexican sloppy-joes, and why you should never return a lost library book you’ve already paid for. Patreaon has 24 backers and the reward stickers are going out in the mail this week. Our sticker drawing winner was Aaron. You can sponsor a single episode on the website on the Support NLCast page. Then Rockstar Paul tells of a wicked man with a wicked white cain. Elizabeth shares a story that involves spankings and her mom’s wiry leg-hair (*shudder*). Derek tells a slightly modified version of a true story about “Spotlighting”. Joseph is possessed while on a missionary trip. Anthony makes falling off your bike sound like a Micheal Bay film and then Keith shares how his trusty guide-dog Macky did too good of a job and his job helping Keith with his job… even while he wasn’t doing his job. You’ll see. It’s cute. Cause dogs.


Transcription (5 mins)

James: Uughh So How’s you’re week been, man?

John: My week has been…mmmm..ok. (laughter)

James: All right

John: Yeah yeah I got this. I don’t know if it’s like drainage or what

James: EEEWW

John: I got a little sick (laughter) yeah not that kind (laughter) of..that’s gross any kind of drainage…I wasn’t even thinking of butt drainage until you said not that kind of
drainage now I’m thinking of butt drainage (laughter)

John: No, no

James: What

John: It’s not butt drainage

James: Have you been eating some Splenda?

John: NO no

James: Or whatever..

John: Olestra

James: Olestra or Olean

John: Olean… may cause anal seepage

James: Loosen up the sphinx (laughter)

John: Nope not no just uuhh I can’t see I have nothing left. Except I, it might have been sinuses thus it might be voice now which I don’t mind

James: Yea last time we talked about how attractive you were with a bald head now you’ve got the sexy voice

John: Now I’m crazy

James: You may be causing some of our female listeners to stumble

John: (laughter) Well until they see my picture

James: That’s right

John: They’ll be like oh man I stumbled for what?

James: Well I’m actually thinking of swapping the photo’s out (laughter) so everybody’ll think you’re the fat guy (laughter)

John: No one will be the wiser

James: He does great voices but he’s SO FAT…so..uh well.. I um I don’t know if you noticed but if you go to podcast.nlcast.com you can see what I’ve been working on for I guess Sunday Monday and today and last night and the night before a few weeks, no a few days. I was working on the website podcast.nlcast.com I’ve struggled with the theme in the podcast for quite a while because there’s no such thing there’s not good theme for podcasters that just does what a podcaster would want.

John: Yeah

James: I’ve looked around and spent hours just proving that fact and then I was like I oughtta hire somebody, you know. And then I was like No I’m Not because it costs 900 bucks or something (laughter) so then I’m like I’m going to try it myself so by god I learned some extra bonus I mean I knew enough to get by but I learned how to do some cool stuff. Now there’s a featured podcast section and there’s this cool you know green ribbon navigation across the top.

John: And that scrolling thing you got at the top of the screen looks pretty sharp

James: Yeah that’s taken the place of our tool bar you know that we used to have that showed all the different stuffs

John: Okay

James: And I was like I’m going to take that thing down and put up and old school or regular slider and that’s all it is I made a really skinny little slider now I’ve got this animated tool bar at the top of the website it looks really good.

John: Man its all witchcraft to me (laughter) it’s all wizardry stuff

James: I know. It’s…

John: Internet wizardry of yours

James: It’s what you can have if you sign over your soul you get a great… I did it for a website I might of gotten screwed.

John: Well now you can do this and charge people 900 bucks a pop

James: Ooh. Ok go by and check it out people if you haven’t. And while you’re there just look around there’s lots of pages there’s archives, there’s a place to submit your story you can follow us and stuff and subscribe. Mostly you can just look at it and be like, “I cannot believe the fat guy did all this.” So.

John: No wait the skinny guy did it

James: Oh we reversed it

John: You got to fix yeah

James: Can’t confuse people so. I’m bald and deep voice

John (deep voice) yeah (cough) I mean (high pitched voice) yeah


James: Yeah we talked before the show it seems like Johns got the depth of the voice and something’s wrong with mine today, I feel like somebody cut my voice in half and left the bottom end. And so now I feel like I sound like a preteen. Like my voice is going to crack any minute now.