1: Hallelujah

After months of planning (actually mostly just talking and wishing) the Nobody’s Listening podcast has become a reality.

Nobody’s Listening will be filled with stories from our past. We invite you to join in the fun by emailing us your true-life, funny stories at thatstoryshow@gmail.com.com or calling in your comments to 209-5NLCast.

The podcast inspiration came from the many times that we would call one another to relive different events from the past, often with a third person on a third line. Many of the stories were so crazy sounding people didn’t believe them. We figured we needed to share our stories with the world.

This week we focus on several stories that all revolve around me (James) embarrassing myself. I kick a one legged man, sing to an exterminator, get in trouble with my wife and steal a b-b gun from some children. Did I mention it’s funny?

The show is ended with a Recap Song. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself.

Huge thanks to Michael from the Weekly Merloc for all your help in shaving a few months off the podcast learning curve!

Show Notes

Hosts: James Kennison, David Kennison

Runtime: 24:39

[00:00] Intro Theme: David plays Yellow Ledbetter, which would eventually become the outtro.

[00:25] Vocal Intro

[04:22] Weekly Update: David is looking for a job. He feels like he’s a bum because he’s not making money.

[04:56] Weekly Update: ]James kicked a one-legged friend in his real leg instead of his prosthetic limb.

[08:08] Featured Story: Hallelujah. James once told David about a pastor who said “Hallelujah” in a funny way. While they are fixing up a bathroom, James begins to sing. David laughs, and the pest control guy is freaked out.

[11:15] Story: James added a story about when he tore holes in his basement wall. David talked about when he found a BB gun.

[14:29] Voicemail: Jojo

[16:19] The Pilot

[17:45] Recap Song: James was just trying to introduce his one-legged friend. James hasn’t seen him since. David thinks James was stupid. Fake legs cost a lot of money. James sings about singing “halle-lu-jah”. David and James think that JoJo needs to get a life.

[22:29] Closing

[23:32] After Show Conversation

[24:39] Outtakes

Memorable Moments:

  • First released episode
  • David: “But you’ve just gotta swing with the branches.”
  • David: “Nothing in the basement. Nothing at all!”
  • James: “Beams of evil hate would have streamed from her eyes and burned my skull.” David: “Definitely, definitely.”
  • James: “That’s not very dark.” David: “That’s not dark? That the E-minor, that’s the darkest chord in the world!”
  • James burps and David kicks the desk.

(Notes by Tavin and James Kennison)