2: The Cellphone Flashlight

Our second episode focuses on a time when David had the living poop scared out of him in the middle of the night while using a cellphone to navigate a dark house. You’ll also hear about a demon-possessed smoke detector, how to lie like the devil, what it means to be “honked” and how not to believe anything you read off the back of a Burger King crown.

We actually got some feedback… email and voice mail! Good stuff!

Be sure to enter your story via email or voice mail in our first ever contest! We’ll read and play as many of your stories as possible over the next couple of weeks and select one we like the best. The winner will receive the official Nobody’s Listening Burger King Crown mentioned in Episode 2.

Also, the first person to leave us a review on iTunes (who emails us to let us know) will get an autographed post-it note from your favorite Nobody’s Listening hosts, James & David David & James.

Show Notes

Hosts: James Kennison, David Kennison

Runtime: 35:31

[00:00] Theme Song
[00:25] Intro
[00:55] Weekly Update: David is reading The Chronicles of Narnia and thinks they are great.
[02:19] Weekly Update: James learned some interesting “historical” facts off of the back of a Burger King crown. He also gets “honked”.
[06:26] Featured Story: James tries to scare David while David is navigating the dark house with his cell phone. David thinks James is a ninja who broke into the house to kill him.
[12:27] Story: A demon-possessed smoke detector.
[15:44] Emails, Voicemails and Comments

  • At least 18 people are listening to the podcast.
  • There is a web comment from Dave in Georgia, who said he listened to and loved the show.
  • Rachel and Gabby call in to say that they love the show, and they don’t like JoJo.
  • Sam from Phoenix calls in to the “David and James Show.” She requests alligator stories, which James and David provide.

[17:52] David’s Alligator Story
[19:18] James’ Alligator Story
[22:05] Recap Song: The Chronicles of Narnia. David had reading problems. The podcast is renamed. James almost cried, and then he took a shower. The crown was as reliable as Reader’s Digest, but then it wasn’t. The demon lived in the smoke detector. …and that’s how a heart attack happens. American pie.
[29:26] Closing Remarks and Contest for Crown
[31:41] Outtro theme
[32:28] I Like Spaghetti
[34:11] Jojo Discussion
[34:42] The Problem with Earbuds
[35:22] Jenna says Podcast

Memorable Moments:

  • At least 18 people are listening to the podcast.
  • David: “Historical facts, on the back of a Burger King cardboard crown?”
  • James: “ooooaaaahhAHAAAAAAAAUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!”
  • David: “A ninja-man just broke into our house and is about to kill me with a cell phone in my hand.”
  • James: “If you’re gonna die, do so quietly.”
  • David: “One man..” James: “Next week…” David: “One..smoke detector.”
  • David: “Broke ya!”
  • The first NLCast contest ever is announced.