3: The Basement Ghost Man

This week it’s all about the fear! Join us, won’t you, as America’s favorite brothers share the story of three young men tortured by the creative story-telling powers of elder bro James. All it takes is a little truth and a lot of creative… well… lying and you too can make teenage boys wet themselves!

We’ll also be reading our first ever Fan Story! Dave from Georgia submitted “Luke Peed on Me” and in doing so won our first contest. He’s the lucky recipient of the Official Nobody’s Listening Burger King Crown mentioned in Episode 2! You can say you don’t care… but you know you do.

We’re still looking for that first iTunes review! If you have iTunes… you have a job to do. Do it!

Also, we’ve added a new and simpler url for the website. Though you’ll still be able to reach us at www.nobodyslistening.net, we’ve gone ahead and gotten nlcast.com to make it simpler for new folks to find us.

Thanks Michael and Vance for calling us on the Nobody line. You can leave us voice mail too!

Till next week… enjoy!


Show Notes

Hosts: James Kennison, David Kennison


Weekly Update: David got a job at QuikTrip and saw Night at the Museum. He also hid in the corner of James’s office. James freaks out when his little daughter Jenna escapes from the house.

Featured Story: The hosts tell about how James told a story and scared a group of teenage boys who were spending the night in his basement. James takes the story to camp as well, and also brings along the tale of the demon-possessed smoke detector.

News: Dave gets the Burger King crown for winning the story contest.

E & V-Mail:

  • Vance says the podcast has changed his life.
  • Michael from The Weekly Murloc calls in to say that the show is great. He also thanks James for the praise he was given in previous episodes.
  • Dave laughed when he heard about David’s habit of sucking his thumb.
  • Dennis said that he verified David’s baby alligator sounds were accurate.
  • Magno offers some constructive criticism: the intro song (Yellow Ledbetter) is overplayed.
  • Justin wants David to tell some stories involving the two of them.
  • Dave sent in a story entitled “Luke peed on me”.

Recap Song: James wants you to email him funny jokes and stories that are real. Why didn’t Jenna take out the garbage? A faceless, nameless, singing demon man lives in the basement. Why is Dave from Georgia lying about things on the podcast? Vance is little. James sings out of tune for his new favorite listener Justin.

Memorable Moments:

  • Dave’s wife has “geisha feet”.
  • “I thought there must be something else we could do, so I grabbed a blowtorch.”

[00:00] Theme Music
[00:26] Intro Comments
[01:13] Weekly Update: David has a job, saw Night at the Museum, had to shave.
[03:22] Weekly Update: Jenna learned to open the front door at 2 year old.
[06:00] Random meltdown, laughter
[06:30] Featured Story: The Basement Ghost Man. James scares the crap out of some teens with a scary story.
[13:35] Story: Scaring kids at camp with the same story
[18:14] Voicemail: Vance likes our podcast.
[20:10] Voicemail: Micheal likes our crazy, wacky podcast.
[21:37] James wants to give David more to say.
[22:04] Email: Dave White likes the podcast.
[23:23] Email: Dennis Luce checked the baby alligator sounds online.
[24:01] Email: Magno from Phoenix says our intro song is overplayed. James is mixing an original intro.
[24:54] Email: Justin from Phoenix wants David to tell some of their stories but keep them PG.
[26:05] Story: Dave White (wins Burger King crown) “Luke Peed on Me”
[30:54] Recap Song: Jenna escaped, could have taken out the garbage. Broke ya! Demon man in the basement. David peed on his son. Vance is a little man. Justin do you like my voice? I like spaghetti.
[40:26] End Comments: No reviews yet on iTunes. Thanks listeners.
[42:05] Outtro Music with comments
[42:56] Outtake: James sings silly song.
[44:02] Outtake: David sings, James translates

Notes: No reviews on iTunes.