4: Waterproof Boots

This week David tells his own story of a time where boots, an old cooler, an older brother and scissors made for one funny and wet experience. We’re also busting out a new logo, a new theme song and we’re beginning to add segment themes.

Keep your emails and voicemails coming! We love your feedback! We’re looking for stories concerning pets. If you have a weird, crazy or funny story concerning pets (or any animal), email or call in! Check the Contact page for more info.

Till next time…

[00:00] New Intro Theme
[00:16] Intro: David coughs a lot
[02:06] Weekly Update: David struggles to park on the ice and snow.
[03:25] Weekly Update: James has a horrible dream about a dropping elevator. Jenna is exposed to a bit of Barney and has no diaper on.
[06:44] Featured Story: David believes that his boots are waterproof. He and his brother, who is standing in a cooler) try to traverse a swamp. David always wins at Paper, Rock, Scissors. David died as a baby.
[11:45] News: New intro. New logo, microphone. Vance leaves us our first iTunes review.
[13:44] Comments from Website: Chris in Phoenix: enjoys the big stories. Loves hearing James sing. Justin in Phoenix: Things aren’t the same without David.
[15:00] David shares story of shooting in the desert and shoots 8 rounds bursting a friend’s eardrum.
[16:16] James tells of a lady who shoots a fake gun way to close to her head during a Glory and the Fire drama.
[18:21] Voicemail: Girl with silly voice loves the show.
[19:15] Voicemail: Jojo the Christian Clown has been praying for us. Doesn’t know if he should like the show or not. Pimps his blog. Jesus made Google.
[21:23] Recap Song: David is mocked for his weekly update. Elevators are scary in nightmares. My baby’s naked again. David doesn’t want to sing. Wearing boots thinking they’re waterproof. John’s going for a swim in a swamp. David’s running to his mom. Thanks Vance for the iTunes review.
[27:45] Closing Comments
[28:28] Outtro theme. James and David argue.
[29:11] Outtake: More recap song. I love spaghetti.
[29:53] Outtake: David tries to sing. James interrupts.
[30:45] Outtake: I would walk 500 miles attempt
[31:10] Outtake: Back to the Future reference
[31:17] Outtake: Talking to Neisha

Notes: New intro theme song, No stories submitted, Mention of releasing the pilot, Our first iTunes review,