12: Puke From Heaven

Our lappy problems are solved and so we’re back. This week we’re doing the show a little differently by taking a theme and telling as many stories as we can think of using it. Big thanks to Rev 12 from The Combobulator for the idea and our first theme: Vomit. Before you go running for your bucket, it’s done tastefully, so enjoy! The best part is, thanks to your feedback, David sings!!

Our apologies to those who were hoping to see us on Stickam.com this week. We’ve moved our recording time from 8pm to 5pm central. We didn’t get a chance to announce the change because it was a sudden decision. We’re planning to be back up next week at 5pm for those who want to watch.

We’re planning on using the Theme idea on a continual and occasional basis. It allows us to tell stories that are good, but not worthy of an entire episode on their own. If you have any theme ideas, email them to us. If we use it, we’ll give you credit on the show and send you a Nobody’s Listening button! Super Rad!