29: MIA Special Edition II

It’s another Missing In Action episode with your only host: James. You’ll still get a few good weekly updates, several well read emails and a smattering of voice mails from you podcast people out there.

I also pimped a couple of new podcasts out there…

Children’s Ministry Monthly – A leadership info podcast hosted by James and Dave full of info for normal, everyday children’s ministers.

Ask JoJo – Loads of good advice from America’s premier Christian clown. Email him your questions.

Some other stuff mentioned:

  • We’re looking for guests hosts to feature on the podcast occasionally. If you or someone you know would like to join us and share some of your/their own stories… email us an audio clip.
  • Folks who like to write long email stories can now have them featured on the main NLCast.com website. Email us your loooong (but funny) stories.
  • Join the Nobody’s Listening Social Network