28: When Animals Attack

Just when you though Mr. Muggles was your bestest friend in the whole world… he goes nuts and takes out your whole… finger. It happens… when Animals Attack!

Thanks everyone for your overwhelming input! I’m sure we didn’t get it all in the show… but we just couldn’t. The entire show would have been us reading emails! If we missed yours for some reason, call it in on the phone line and we’ll get it in the next show. If you sent something in off-topic, chances are you’ll hear it next week.

As you note from the tag at the beginning of the episode, we’re changing the way we take listener submitted stories… just a bit. If you’d like to tell your story on NLCast, just call the phone line and tell it in 2 minutes or less. If you have a questions, comment or any type of feedback… email us. That’s pretty simple. Stories=vmail. Comments=email!

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