82: Hair Grease

Guest-host Joey Day of JDAZE Podcast shares two stories from his High School days working in Fast Food.

Thanks to everyone who joined us live on ustream, our sponsors and everyone who contributed

[00:19] Into Music
[00.30] Welcome (Guest Host: Joey Day)
[02:37] Opening Story(Band Dork/Pen Tuba Mouthpiece)
[06:53] Sponsors
[08:47] Joe’s Weekly update (You’re Playing Crappy Music)
[10:38] James Weekly Update (Restraint Closed)
[13:40] LBB
[16:02] News
[19:03] Middle School Drama (Beat Up at Church)
[21:47] Break (jay Days Podcast)
[22:26] Featured Story (Joey – Grease Hair/ Manager with Many Girlfriends)
[35:20] Voicemails and Emails/Live Calls
[51:20] Closing
[52:54] Ending Voicemails
[56:34] Recap Song (Let Me Get Some Peanut Butter Chicken)

Notes: Must Buy, Sticks of Wood, Stick of Justice, Bacon Hair, Buffy the one eye dog, Red the horrible Roster, Whiskey the Running the Doberman, Hoarse that would chase cars, Don’t call the show high, Spider Club Sandwich, Thinner person inside me. Deaf Ear From Firecracker.