83: Rattface Returns

It’s everyone’s favorite Canadian, Trevor! He’s back telling more stories from his High School days. Plus your hilarious emails and voice mails!

[0.07] Intro Music
[00:17] Welcome (Guess Host Trevor)
[01:59] Opening Story (Dead Man’s Twin Brother)
[03:37] Sponsors
[05:21] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Moshing to She Bop)
[10:09] James’s Weekly Update (Counting Bricks)
[13:12} Trevor’s Second Weekly Update (Number 2 Looks like Number 1)
[16:23] James’s Second Weekly Update (Monster High)
[20:18] Trevor’s LLB (Complaining About Parking Spot/
[22:41} James’s LLB (Revelations Written By Evil Men)
[26:24] News
[29:32] News (News Cast Live)
[30:30] Trevor’s Featured Story (Cereal Killer/Fake Fight)
[42:59] Voicemails and Emails/Live Calls
[100:30] Closing Announcements
[101:55] Recap Song (Shot a Mouse in His Toe)

Note: Black Tongue from Pepto, I Smell Death, Drunk Paul, Zombie Rodent (Freeze a rodent it can come back to life), Stroked Out Mouse, Layers of Socks and Underwear, Tree almost hit Cooper, Blind kid lost on the lazy river,