84: The President’s Hole

This week James is joined by podcaster Graece from AllThingsAzeroth.com and Trevor, from Canada. It’s our annual Halloween theme show!

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[00:07] Intro Song
[00:18] Welcome (Co-Hosts Trevor and Grace from AllThingsAzeroth)
[02:05] Opening Story (Angel of Death)
[04:10] Gracie’s Weekly Update (playing WOW/Remodeling House)
[06:20] Trevor’s Weekly Update (Creamer in the trash can)
[08:18] James Weekly Update (Jesus Doesn’t t talk to Jenna, and A big chest)
[10:29] LBB (James for messing up his daughter self-image)
[10:43[ News (Grace from AllThingsAzeroth)
[13:09] Middle School Drama (Reappearing Pencil)
[15:58] Sponsors
[17:13] Break
[17:23] Gracie’s Feature Story (President Gone Wild/ Busted by the Principle)
[28:00] James’s Feature Story (Haunted House Experience/Monsters Under the Bed/Old Man Halloween)
[39:45] Voicemail/Emails
[52:27] Closing
[53:40] Recap Song (Hole In My Butt)
[56:19] Ending Voicemails

Note: Halloween Theme, Hole in Washington’s Butt, Leprosy Rocks Patrick Karate his 2-Year-Old Son, Jesus Geeks – Tall People Block the Light, TJ’s Haunted House, Halloween Engagement, Black Sheet Ghost, Mom yells till eyes almost pop out.

Creates By: Megan Sheridan