37: Reboot!

Hey folks! We’re switching things up at Help! I’m A Children’s Pastor. It’s been long enough that we’re doing a Reboot! Listen and be introduced to our new co-host Pastor John Steinklauber to the show. John’s a brand new Children’s Pastor though he’s not new to ministry. Listen to the show for all the details. […]

36: Dealing With Problem Parents

Parents are not a problem in Children’s Ministry… but some parents cause problems for us as pastors and leaders. This episode covers some hard-learned tips and lessons on how to handle irate, angry or just misinformed parents.

35: How To Find and Keep Volunteers

Practical tips for attracting and keeping volunteers in your children’s ministry. A focus on praying in volunteers over Suggested Books: On Being A Servant of God by Warren W. Wiersbe Getting Things Done by David Allen The Eric Trap by Jim Wideman

34: Starting From Scratch

This episode we’re offering suggestions to Pastor and Ministers who are staring a children’s ministry in a new church and to those who are tasked with starting a children’s ministry from scratch. Basically answering the question, “How to start the children’s ministry on the ‘right foot’?”

33: Big Church Sermon

This episode I’d like to share a sermon I did for big church last year. I hope the message ministers to you.

32: Children’s Sermons

This episode we look at how to build a children’s sermon and service from the ground up. Whether you’re using curriculum or starting from scratch it can be difficult to keep your kid’s attention while preaching a children’s sermon. The tips in this podcast will help you from start to finish.

31: Letting Go

How do we respond when a gifted volunteer says goodbye? We also talk about how to handle reporting suspected child abuse, board members and “stupid good guys”.

30: Stage Presence

Stage presence is one of the most important things a person speaking to children can have. It is equal parts entertainment, education and discipline. This week we look at stage presence and offer practical tips on how to improve your communication skills. We also look at several things not to do while on stage.

EP 29: Editing Videos, Countdowns and Audio

Since our last show I’ve gotten a few questions on how to create countdowns, how to edit videos and audio clips and sound effects, so I hijacked this episode to share some of the resources I use for animated full-motion backgrounds, animated clip art, game sounds, background tracks and more. I share free software and […]

28: Games As Object Lessons

Games don’t have to be wasted time. This week we discuss the role stage games play in a children’s service, how they can be used to teach, and how to use them effectively.