45: Explaining Depression

How do you explain Depression to a kid? What is it? How does it feel? What can kids do to help someone who is depressed? This episode, while not exhaustive, will help any child understand what someone with Depression is going through.

44: Making New Friends

When you’re little it’s easy to make friends but the older you get, sometimes the harder it gets. This week Jenna shares three stories from three new friends she’s made since starting her new school back in August.

43: Being Bossy

When you’re a first-born being bossy seems to come naturally but bossing requires something that kids don’t have… authority. This week we’re talking about alternatives to bossing and getting bossed!

42: Changing Schools

Change can be tough especially when you’re not sure that it’s a good change. This week we talk about Jenna’s transition from one school to another and how she coped with the process.

41: All About Dreams

Dreams can be fun, confusing, crazy, stressful or downright scary! Today we’re talking about dreams and learning how keep from having and how to recover from nightmares.

40: How To Handle Embarrassment

It’s pretty embarrassing when something happens and every starts laughing. Embarrassment happens… what can a kid do to help with the same and foolish feeling? Show Recap: Jenna was in a car crash. Thanks to Jenna we all know that Siri has a birthday and where it falls in relation to the family’s birthdays. We […]

39: Boredom

What can you do when you’re just plain bored? James and Jenna have some ideas and some suggestions on how to beat boredom! Show Recap: We define what boredom is to a kid. Jenna visited her cousins for the Fourth of July weekend, ate at Sonic, beat her older cousin at swimming, enjoyed fireworks and […]

38: Mean Girls

Jenna talks with her Dad about how some girls are threatened by the good things other girls can do… and how that ought not be. Show Recap: We interview Jenna who is now 9 years old and find out what’s new! Jenna visited a water park, Downtown Disney, played a game at church with toilet […]

37: Honesty

Jenna, J and James talk about Honesty. Why is it important to tell the truth, not to steal and keep your promises? Learn about honesty in a fun and silly way with this episode of Podcast Kid.